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In reading, like any other process, there are fans and opponents. Opponents enough reasons ranging from excessive employment and fatigue, to useless time spent. But fans reason to read a lot more, and they are quite significant. We are ready to bring some of them: - Everyone today is trying to find their identity. We select branded clothing and accessories, choose a rare animal, cool cars. We strive to be different from anyone else, becoming similar to all those who are looking for and their personality too. We have same thoughts, the same dress, in spite of all the desire to excel. Books help find yourself in another. They make changes in our attitude towards the world, in our view. Books teach the mind to stand out, not appearance. - All of humanity can be divided into two unequal halves. The first group includes those who read the book, and the second one is listening to them carefully. To what rank you belong? - The whole world is made up of individual atoms and molecules. Since millions can be combined to create the water molecules and the sea. And you can entrust them to the scorching sun, the sea will turn into steam. It is the same with knowledge. The more you read, the more knowledge accumulates on the shelves of memory. But as soon as you stop reading, knowledge is gradually dissipated.

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